Inculcating knowledge, skills and virtues which will never lose relevance

Contemporary Western societies were built upon a Greco-Roman and Medieval system of education known as Liberal Arts. Grammar, Rhetoric, and Logic, three subjects together known as the trivium, were complemented with Arithmetic, Geometry, Music and Astronomy, the latter collectively known as the quadrivium. In this matrix of studies philosophy and theology also contributed to provide a well-rounded education for learners. The goal of this pedagogy was for students to achieve competency in the foundational areas of human knowledge and develop characters informed by virtue. Today, in an age dominated by specialist disciplines and research universities, the classical paradigm of Liberal Arts and Sciences is an attractive alternative for students whose future will be to face the unique challenges of a global society with its rapidly-changing technologies and vocations.

At Westfield House we promote a pattern of study inspired by the ancient goals of the trivium and quadrivium, combining the best of classical education of yesterday with the contemporary knowledge of today in a radically new way to meet the challenges of tomorrow. The Liberal Arts and Sciences are taught with an emphasis on interdisciplinarity, and philosophy and theology are included as integrative disciplines. Our Lutheran heritage encourages students to be zealous in the pursuit of truth, knowledge, and virtue.

Our programme of studies is carefully cultivated so that students can develop competency in a wide-range of subjects in arts and sciences, including languages and literature, hermeneutics, critical theory and philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, music and theology. Students will learn to think critically and creatively, reason scientifically, communicate articulately, and develop an ethical perspective and historical consciousness. In fine, to meet the demands of an ever-changing world, our programme of studies seeks to inculcate skills and virtues which will never lose relevance.