Westfield House income is comprised of student tuition and fees, together with donations from our benefactors and supporters. Donations may be earmarked for a specific purpose, including but not limited to:

  • student bursaries,
  • maintenance and improvement of facilities, or
  • general running costs (which may include salaries, etc.)
  • capital campaigns for projects which are specified from time to time.

If donations are non-specified the Principal and Preceptor will apply them to the area where they are most needed.

UK Donors

You can support Westfield House through online donations through CAF Charity Financial Services.

If you are a UK Taxpayer you can increase any donation by 25% at no cost to yourself through the Gift Aid Scheme, provided you have paid sufficient UK tax to cover this amount of tax. Also, if you are a higher-rate taxpayer you will be able to claim tax relief for the difference between the lower and the higher tax rates.

Alternatively, you can send a cheque made payable to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of England with a letter delineating Westfield House as the recipient and indicating your preference for funds disbursement to:

Westfield House
30 Huntingdon Road
Cambridge CB3 0HH

US Donors

Support from donors in the United States comes to Westfield House through The Friends of Westfield House, a 501(c)3 organization, established with the purpose of assisting us in providing confessional Lutheran theological education in the United Kingdom. The Friends have a strong commitment to funding bursaries and scholarships for outstanding students who would not otherwise be able to benefit from this education. The number of bursaries varies each year, depending on need.

It is through the generosity of those who give to the Friends of Westfield House that students from all over the world have been afforded a first class, Lutheran, theological education in Cambridge.

To donate to the mission of The Friends of Westfield House you can send a cheque to the address below. If you would like to designate your funds for a specific purpose, please indicate that on the memo line of the cheque:

The Friends of Westfield House
5800 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX 77057

Alternatively, you can give online to The Friends of Westfield House via PayPal:

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