The University of Cambridge Diploma in Theology for Ministry (DTM)

From its beginnings over 800 years ago, the University of Cambridge has provided a context for formation and training in Christian ministry. Today, working in partnership with Westfield House and other theological colleges and institutes of the Cambridge Theological Federation, the Faculty of Divinity provides the Diploma in Theology for Ministry (DTM).

The Diploma in Theology for Ministry is a graduate-entry programme designed primarily for individuals preparing for, or already involved in, authorised Christian ministry or service and who have a first degree, which may be in an area other than theology. This award integrates the rigorous academic study of theology with a focus on pastoral ministry (in the context of a compulsory practical placement).

Some graduates of the DTM decide to take higher degrees in Theology; others go into teaching or other careers. The majority, however, will have done the course with a specific view to working in authorised Christian ministries.


Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge

Teaching is delivered by lectures and classes in the University of Cambridge Faculty of Divinity and member institutions of the Cambridge Theological Federation. Supervisions provide individual or small group teaching through written work and feedback. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to undertake independent reading and study to consolidate what is being taught. Some lectures and classes are shared with those provided for the University of Cambridge Theology and Religious Studies Tripos but the teaching through supervisions is exclusively for DTM and BTh students.

A list of the current papers offered in the DTM can be found here.

Duration of Study

The DTM may be studied over one year on a full-time basis, or over two years on a part-time basis. Students are required to apply for admission to the DTM through, and become a member of, one of the Federation’s Houses; candidates for the DTM do not matriculate within the University.

Course Fees 2024/2025

Tuition Fee
£4,400 per year
Westfield House Fee
£3,675 per year
Tuition Fee
£2,200 per year
Westfield House Fee
£1,837.50 per year

Usually the fees are fixed for the duration of the course. The Westfield House fee covers the cost of providing a range of educational, domestic and pastoral services, support and social activities.

Accommodation and Living Expenses 2024/25

The fee for lodging in Luther Hall is £147 per week for an en suite, shared room and £230 per week for an en suite, single room. Luther Hall provides self-catering accommodation. Students purchase their own food; as a general guide they should allow £100 per week for food and other personal expenses. The Cambridge academic year consists of three 8 week terms with two 4 week breaks (24 weeks in total). In addition, students need to budget for visa fees and travel to/from Cambridge.

Admission and Scholarships

Students from a wide variety of backgrounds are admitted to the DTM. Applicants must hold a first degree at 2:1 (or equivalent) level or above. In addition, they are required to be accepted by a member institution of the Cambridge Theological Federation. Students for whom English is a second language need an IELTS score of 7.0.

Students accepted by Westfield House must ordinarily be endorsed by the head or bishop of a recognised Lutheran church body or other partner institution. Lutheran Seminary students interested in the DTM as a study abroad option should contact their study abroad advisor in the first instance. Some Lutheran students, or students of partner institutions, may be eligible to apply to the Friends of Westfield House, a US based 501(c)3 organisation, for scholarships. The Friends of Westfield House is not able to fund every student but will consider each application on the basis of financial need and potential benefit for the student’s home church body.

For further information, or if you would like to arrange a visit and be considered for admission in September 2024, please contact the Admissions Office:

Hear from our students

I’m Kendall Davis. I grew up in Houston, TX and did my undergraduate education at Concordia University Irvine where I majored in Biblical Languages and Theatre. I had just completed my vicarage while in the MDiv program at Concordia Seminary St. Louis when I began the DTM program at Westfield House. I had heard so many wonderful things about Westfield House from people who had previously attended at one time or another. I was constantly impressed with how enthusiastically previous students recommended Westfield House to me. I had been convinced that I wanted to go to Westfield House since my days at Concordia Irvine. The DTM program was new for Westfield House when I began, and I was glad I took advantage of this program. I came to Westfield House to help broaden my horizons culturally, academically, and theologically. The DTM program helped me to do just that. I appreciated both the rigor and the freedom from the tedium of a typical American higher education model that allowed me to focus on independent reading, writing, and other pursuits in a way that is usually not possible in the US. Being in Cambridge at Westfield House afforded me so many opportunities to study, to travel, to experience new things, to find community, and to serve the church. I would do it all again in a heartbeat! After completing the DTM program, I went back to Concordia Seminary to finish my MDiv and begin my STM before pursuing further graduate study in New Testament.

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