We are very pleased that you are considering study at Westfield House. Follow these steps to make your application:

  1. Look through the courses available. You may also want to think about adding one or two Cambridge Experience courses.

2. Meet with your Study Abroad or Academic Advisor to discuss your choice of courses. Ensure your courses meet with any requirements you have, and that you take between 12 and 15 credits per semester.

3. Complete the application form

The completed application form must be signed by your home institution and then sent to Westfield House together with the following information:

  • Writing sample, such as a paper or essay that you have written for a class.
  • Copy of the photo page of your passport
  • Passport-type photo for ID card (jpeg, gif, pdf etc)

4. Once received, Westfield House will contact you to arrange a time to discuss your application and confirm your courses. Don’t be worried about this! This is also the chance for you to ask any questions and to meet the people at Westfield House.

5. After this meeting, you will be asked to complete a Learning Agreement which needs to be approved by your home institution:

Please note that we do not have a deadline for your application and that you will need to meet the deadlines at your home university. 

Any queries may be directed to the Study Abroad Coordinator at Westfield House using the contact form below.