Westfield House Academic Calendar

DTM and WHIST Programmes 2021-2022 (dates to be confirmed and may be subject to change)

Michaelmas TermLent TermEaster Term
Arrival DayTuesday, 28 September 2021Saturday, 11th January, 2022Saturday, 16th April, 2022
Lectures BeginThursday, 7th October, 2021Thursday, 20th January, 2022Thursday, 28th April, 2022
End of TermFriday, 3rd December, 2021Friday, 18th March, 2022Friday, 17th June, 2022
DTM Dissertation/Project DueSeptember 2022 TBA

Liberal Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Study Abroad Programme 2021-22

Autumn Semester 2021

Arrival DayFriday 10th September*
Welcome Week (week 1)Monday, 13th September – Friday, 17th September
Teaching Weeks (weeks 2-11)Monday, 20th September – Friday 3rd December
Cambridge Michaelmas LecturesThursday, 7th October – Wednesday, 1st December
Revision Week (week 12)Monday, 6th December – Friday, 10th December
Exam Week (week 13)Monday, 13th December – Friday, 17th December
Departure DaySaturday, 18th December
Marking and ModerationMonday, 6th December – Friday, 31st December
Transcript Issue DateFriday, 21st January, 2022
* those students attending courses at ARU should aim to arrive on 7th September in order to attend the ARU International Orientation

Spring Semester, 2021

Arrival dayFriday, 7th January
Welcome Week (week 1)Monday, 10th January – Friday, 14th January
Cambridge Lent LecturesThursday, 20th January – Wednesday 16th March
Teaching Weeks (weeks 2-11)Monday, 17th January – Friday, 1st April
Easter VacationMonday, 4th April – Friday, 15th April
Revision Week (week 12)Monday, 18th April – Friday, 24th April
Exam Weeks (weeks 13-14)Monday, 25th April – Friday, 13th May
Departure daySaturday, 14th May
Marking and ModerationMonday, 25th April – Friday, 27th May
Transcript Issue DateFriday, 3rd June