The Westfield House Certificate: Distance and Blended Learning

In development for the beginning of the 2020-2021 academic year.

The Westfield House Certificate in Lutheran Ministry is designed for Lutheran ministerial and diaconal candidates, church workers and laity throughout the United Kingdom, and assists in the training of students in partner churches and seminaries world-wide. The goal of the curriculum is to provide a grounding in confessional Lutheran theology as well as practical preparation for service in the Lutheran church.

Our new distance and blended learning mode of delivery, which will launch in the 2020 academic year, will provide an opportunity for students to study at a distance, with short residential components taught in Cambridge. The Certificate is designed so that students may complete the entire course in an academic year. However, it is also sufficiently modularised so that it could be spread over the course of several years to meet the particular needs of part-time students. Individual modules are also open to interested students who may not necessarily wish to complete the entire Certificate.

Module List:

The Catechism Window at Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary, a partner institution in Canada.

The Augsburg Confession and Apology 12 credit hours

Lutheran Catechisms, Smalcald Articles & Treatise 6 credit hours

The Formula of Concord 6 credit hours

Introduction to Lutheran Liturgy 12 credit hours

Liturgical Practice 12 credit hours

Christian Education 12 credit hours

Introduction to Lutheran Preaching 12 credit hours

Homiletical Practice 12 credit hours

Pastoral and Diaconal Practice 12 credit hours

Christology and the Doctrine of Justification 12 credit hours

Church, Ministry & Sacraments 12 credit hours

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